Why Music Cannot Be Given A Definitive Grade

Music is one of many formats that has been internationally reviewed and criticised for years. There may be some misinterpretation as to the real purpose of review in terms of music. There is a little more to the process than just whether a piece of music is ‘good’ or ‘rubbish’. It is a reviewers job … Continue reading

A Strangers Birthday Party

So today was a slightly strange day. My two friends and I were wandering along when a young woman stopped us. “Hey, are you guys busy right now?” The woman exclaimed as I and my friends decided to hear more. This lady went on to explain that it was her friend’s birthday party and we … Continue reading

New social media, is it really a good thing?

So, what is the procedure? New social media has been embedded into modern society with platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and even here – WordPress. With so many different methods of communication, all of which are designed to easily communicate at any given moment, wherever you are, it can in fact be more difficult to … Continue reading

When is your work finished?

Sitting in a university class covering how my work will be marked is quite thought provoking. Once you complete a piece of work to the best of your ability, how do you improve on it? I heard a relatively well known saying “An artists work is never finished, only abandoned”. Writing in itself is an … Continue reading