Jordan Ivey: A Graphic Communicator

“If you give a good designer a sharp pencil he can achieve anything,” says 20-year-old graphic designer Jordan Ivey. Ivey started practising in graphic design at the age of 15, designing identities for local bands. This was a task that required motivation and networking,  a demonstration of his ability to follow-up his interests from a young age. … Continue reading

International Hold Up: A Testament to WordPress

More and more each day, I am being shocked. Holdupnow has officially gone international! It’s astounding that a blog of this size has even been noticed here in the UK, never mind by various places across the world. This is one case in which social media has succeeded. Some of the countries that holdupnow has … Continue reading

New social media, is it really a good thing?

So, what is the procedure? New social media has been embedded into modern society with platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and even here – WordPress. With so many different methods of communication, all of which are designed to easily communicate at any given moment, wherever you are, it can in fact be more difficult to … Continue reading