New social media, is it really a good thing?

So, what is the procedure?

New social media has been embedded into modern society with platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and even here – WordPress. With so many different methods of communication, all of which are designed to easily communicate at any given moment, wherever you are, it can in fact be more difficult to communicate. The rules have changed.

Once upon a time, when you met someone, you took their phone number and then telephoned them to meet again. It is increasingly confusing within social scenarios to decide which method of contact is appropriate. What are the rules then?

Is an email too formal? Is a Facebook friends request to forward after only a brief encounter with that person? Believe it or not, we live in very exciting times. We live in a world where the social constructs of communication and the complexities of relationships of any degree, are being reshaped at an alarmingly fast rate. Whether you’re ready or not – the digital revolution is here.

I wonder what the future holds for the ever-evolving social media and its impact on the very structure of society on literally a global scale.

Will a norm be established?

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