Joe Barnes: FHM Editor

“I’d say if you’re really, really serious about getting a job in Journalism, unfortunately you are going to have to move away from the seaside”. This sad advice given by FHM Editor, Joe Barnes came today in a lecture, following his rise from being a former student at University College Falmouth (UCF). Barnes graduated from … Continue reading

Oliver Poole: Tales of a War Correspondent

“It was simple enough; don’t go out at night, don’t go out alone, don’t stay anywhere longer than 15 minutes and don’t tell anyone you’re coming”. These are the rules that are second nature to experienced war correspondent, Oliver Poole, of whom I had the pleasure of listening to at a guest lecture. Poole has … Continue reading

Album Review: PS I Love You – Death Dreams (Paper Bag Records)

Following their Polaris Music Prize listed debut album, PS I Love You are set to release their next album Death Dreams in the UK on May 28th 2012. The new release is inspired by Paul Saulniers (Vocals/guitar) reoccurring dreams about his mortality, brought on by experiencing life on the road. It is clear that this … Continue reading

Album Review: Digital Soundboy Soundsystem – FABRICLIVE 63 (fabric Records)

A light-hearted soul voice emerges from a range of percussion instruments playing to a groovy beat that gives you no choice other than to move to the energetic rhythm. This is the first official Digital Soundboy Soundsystem mix, due to be released 21.05.12 (USA: 19.06.12). FABRICLIVE 63 is a mix that takes a party to … Continue reading

EP REVIEW: Moving Mountains (Triple Crown Records) – New Light

The new EP from post-rock band, Moving Mountains, is certainly a change to say the least. This recent release titled ‘New Light’ is a re-interpreted version of previously released songs, which features many musical twists on the originals. Although for die-hard fans of the group this may be a little difficult to get into, as … Continue reading

She Knows The Road: Harriet Jones

A young musician, Harriet Jones, has been causing quite a stir recently in the city of Plymouth. The fact that Jones has never played a cover song is certainly a unique prospect of her musical persona. She writes with the intention of telling a story through her songs, proving her ability to write interesting and … Continue reading

In the Basement: An Interview with Harriet Jones

Here is an interview with Harriet Jones. This interview explores Jones’ recent success and what she thinks about it all. Enjoy! holdupnow: when did you start playing/writing songs? Harriet Jones: I wrote poems first, then terrible songs, then bearable songs. holdupnow: As an artist, you seem to pride yourself that you haven’t ever played a cover song. Why … Continue reading

Why Music Cannot Be Given A Definitive Grade

Music is one of many formats that has been internationally reviewed and criticised for years. There may be some misinterpretation as to the real purpose of review in terms of music. There is a little more to the process than just whether a piece of music is ‘good’ or ‘rubbish’. It is a reviewers job … Continue reading