Joe Barnes: FHM Editor

“I’d say if you’re really, really serious about getting a job in Journalism, unfortunately you are going to have to move away from the seaside”.

This sad advice given by FHM Editor, Joe Barnes came today in a lecture, following his rise from being a former student at University College Falmouth (UCF).

Barnes graduated from UCF in 2003, before working on Front magazine, eventually becoming editor. He stayed at Front right until 2006, when FHM approached him.

The ‘Mobile Revolution’ was the topic of the day. According to the FHM Editor, the publishing industry is heavily suffering, which doesn’t bode well for any journalists.

“No one expects to pay for anything”

It’s extremely hard to make money in online journalism, and the majority of the populace are switching over to online journalism as the publishing industry is fighting to merely stay alive.

Barnes does give a little more comforting news, stating that he believes if you can write well and are prepared to work hard then you can get work (or at least have a better chance).

Pictured: Joe Barnes, FHM Editor

It was also intriguing to hear of talks with Bauer Media and other Media companies. Bauer Media owns many big names in the industry including; Closer, Empire, FHM, Grazia, Mojo and Zoo. Why is this relevant?  Well according to Barnes, these companies have discussed the possibility of a sort of “Itunes for writers”. This would allow users to pick their favourite articles from a range of media outlets and compose their favourite magazine – for a fee.

It was a great opportunity to hear about the realities of the current instability that is the journalistic world.

I know that this lecture has given a lot of insight to future journalists, and we can only hope that this situation improves.


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