EP REVIEW: Dawn Chorus Ignites (Prima Rosa) – Take Me With You

A thoughtful rendition played on the guitar emerges from a unique creation of what sounds like a cross between an old clock and a UFO landing – This is the unique soundscape that is Dawn Chorus Ignites.

Dawn Chorus Ignites was created by Ben Philcox and Mat Cook. This band creates music which is instrumental guitar based post-rock/shoegaze. With this being their third EP following some previous sell-out EPs,  DCI (Dawn Chorus Ignites) have lots of experience creating emotive and challenging music.

The opening track ‘Take Me With You’ (also the title of the EP) suddenly unfolds. A feeling of hope and what-ifs flood to the ears as a tight unison of  unique drums, soft synthesisers and intricate melodies explode into the air.

This is not a one off song either. The second track on the EP – ‘Frozen Skies’, demonstrates what DCI are all about. With over a minute-long introduction,  it is clear that this music takes its time. Building, adding to the fabric of the imagery created by the group. This music is patient. The build up stops, giving way to yet more melodies on the guitar.  Suddenly there is a massive wall of sound, it is beautiful, yet ferocious – adding to the overall dynamic of the track, as if there was a lack of it, which there certainly isn’t.

'Take Me With You' album art.

One of my favourite tracks on this EP is ‘The Hatch’. This composition includes some beautiful arpeggios, which work well with the ever-present eerie synthesisers. The guitar always seems to be adding to the ambience of the track, not only acting as a prominent part in the mix but also adding to its own backdrop – something that you don’t hear everyday. A common theme throughout the EP, I felt like I was coming out of a hatch into the sunlight. There’s a complex mix of many harmoniously working layers which serve to create equally complex thoughts and emotions for the listener. This in my eyes, is a musical achievement.

The ‘Take Me With You’ EP feels as though it is set in a key of being positively negative. Almost dreamlike, a commission of retrospect and speculation in its entirety. This EP seems to focus heavily on creating feelings of being submerged and coming out into the open air, conjuring up contrast through changes in volume and addition/subtraction of various layers. It is extremely well produced and recorded which is expected as members of the band have worked in the music industry for many years, and it certainly shows.

Perhaps it is due to the reminiscent nature of each track, but this EP seems as though it could be used in almost any scene. It seems to be the perfect backing music, whether that includes real situations or visual clips. That is not to take away the fact that each of these songs are unique, despite the running theme throughout the EP. It’s a rare occasion to hear something that can be listened to as a piece of easy-listening music , at the same time as being able to listen to each track as a unique mini-masterpiece in itself.

I have found that this EP is a rare case in which the drums are not used solely as a timing instrument, but are used carefully to add emphasis and accents to each and every note they accompany. The sounds created by Dawn Chorus Ignites are so clear, this EP has been crafted. It is not a pop song that has a two-minute life and consists of the same verse/chorus/verse. This is a piece of art and I highly recommend that if you need some music to chill to, or just want a great backing track to get on with some work, then this is perfect. It is huge shame that music like this doesn’t have a place in the mainstream arena. It has so many potential uses and is extremely flexible both as a piece of audio, and a creative work of art.

Give it a chance, visit Dawn Chorus Ignites page here: http://primarosa.net/artists/dawn-chorus-ignites/


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