Bristol Brings Bizarrely Brilliant Friday

It was insanity from start to finish that included not only a dead body, but gorillas handing out bananas.

Welcome to Bristol, a definition of ‘city’ in itself. With its grand architecture and bustling streets, the adventure was yet-again going to start.

I set off from a meeting in Fishponds to the designated hostel in Bedminster. Having no idea where I stood wasn’t a problem, as usual I was ready to explore. The swag in this place was unbelievable. I was on my toes – the hood went up and I started to walk.

Being the outsider was fun. There was something strangely calming about being able to walk for a while without hearing a million conversations, as English predominantly wasn’t spoken in some areas. At last, I had arrived at the hostel. A surprise indeed, it reminded me of a late-night coffee shop in Amsterdam – dimly lit with only a few bright screens lighting the room from the provided laptops. On the plus side, my travelling companion was awaiting,  providing a familiar face in the international darkness that surrounded us.

'Start The Bus'- A trendy place filled with great music, art and food.

So what now? Time to kill and a place to stay, it was time to grab a drink.  Sitting in a dark room drinking  around lots of foreign folk was surreal. After sometime, a French man wandered over. Was is too cliché that this French traveller smoothly approached us asking for a bottle opener, holding a large bottle of Stella Artois? This man turned out to be ‘Andréas’. He had been travelling extensively with his companion and was more than friendly.

It seems a regular occurrence to meet many interesting people on our travels and this was no exception. We were sharing stories, breaking the language barrier and having a good time. It was time for us to go and find somewhere to continue the evening other than our hostel, so we caught a taxi and arrived in the city centre.

We found a place called ‘Start The Bus’ which was pretty packed. I have to say the music here was pretty fine, lots of dub and reggae – but a good variety between old and new forms of both. Approaching the bar a man handed me a drink and insisted I drank it. Politely declining the drink, the man then showed me the mound of full and empty glasses, it was a big night for these guys and I thoroughly enjoyed the drink.

As I talked more with this eccentric looking man, it shocked me when he exclaimed:

“Are you Jewish?”

I told him that I was not and enquired why he would ask such a thing. It was all a bit strange,  he went on to explain that he thinks he may be a little anti-Semitic. I laughed this off and told him as long as he didn’t act on it – he’d be fine. Yet another odd occurrence I thought to myself, as I bought my own drink and returned to my French friends sitting at a table. As time passed, we decided to head back to the hostel, ready for day two.

Friday night was not quite over yet though. On the way back to the hostel there was an old man lying crippled, with a spiral of blood sprayed across the road. It was clear what had happened, a collision had took place, as the man lay cold and lifeless sprawled in many directions before a car with a large indentation, which this poor soul had obviously made. A tragedy before my eyes, I realised the police had not made an effort to put him in the recovery position or resuscitate him, a confirmation of his death.

On that note, the night was over. It had been one crazy day, and that was only day one.

Get involved. We’d like to hear your experiences in the comment box below!

To check out a review of ‘Start The Bus’ visit:


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