Donal Doherty – International Wedding Photographer: Love is Alive and Kicking

Love is “alive and kicking” according to international wedding photographer – Donal Doherty.

Doherty isn’t your typical wedding photographer and his story isn’t a common one. Based in Londonderry, Ireland, Doherty was originally a man of business. He had just been short-listed as Entrepreneur of the Year, running both a modelling and public relations marketing agency before flying away and changing his life forever.

The destination was Melbourne, Australia, and Doherty was there to shoot a wedding. He explained that when he was standing in a vineyard with a beautiful couple, the sun splitting the sky, capturing those intimate moments – he was nothing less than captivated.

Immediately Doherty set up a website in February 2010 and sold his extremely successful businesses later that year to pursue photography.

An old hand at business, Doherty studied what the industry leaders had done to obtain their position. They had specialised  in their chosen field to master it and with Doherty’ love of wedding photography, this was an ideal scenario.

Today ‘Donal Doherty Photography’ is thriving. With full bookings throughout the year, all over the world, Doherty isn’t slowing down.

"I feel this image is really editorial and I love that look" - Donal Doherty on this image of Marie and Marcus

Shooting between 3,000 and 3,500 photos at each wedding there are some astonishing photographs that Doherty has taken. One image that is particularly close to Doherty’ heart is a picture taken at Marie and Marcus’ wedding. Why? Well this image is “simply beautiful – light and pose” he says.

A surprising fact is that when Doherty first got into photography, he was drawn to fashion photography. It wasn’t until time went on that he realised that his passion lay in wedding photography more and more. Doherty was inspired by various wedding photographers such as Becker, Jasmine Star, Jessica Claire and Mike Colon to name a few. He told holdupnow that he loves  “the relaxed nature of their photography, their style and the way in which they run their businesses”.

Wedding photography may not be all Doherty stops at either. He says that fusions of videos and stills are also of interest to him, even going as far as saying that this perhaps, could be – the next big thing in the industry.

Doherty is definitely in touch with his inner photographer. He is still getting influenced by other photographers, and doesn’t mind exploring any new techniques he observes in his own wedding photography. Recently he was inspired by a talk given by Sue Bryce at WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International). Bryce focuses on “natural light and beautiful photography of women”, which Doherty is keen to experiment with.

Donal Doherty is also a member of the SWPP (The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers)

Even Doherty’ current project is astonishing. He is working on a creative shoot at the spectacular Redcastle Hotel. Not only does Doherty have this extraordinary shoot to work on but he will also have access to a yacht to shoot the picturesque waterfront hotel from. It is genuinely exciting to think of what kind of shoots he will set up in the future, and going by his past and present work, they will only continue to amaze.

Check out Donal Doherty’ hardware and technique insights and tips here:

Visit the official ‘Donal Doherty Photography’ site here:

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