McDonald’s Now Serving U18s

So, it’s been and gone. The 21st of March was supposedly going to mark the date in which under 18s were not allowed to purchase McDonald’s.

Was I right to assume that this was nothing more than a silly rumour and to write a post outlining this fact? Yes, I think I was very right to.

As I said in my previous post on the matter entitled ‘McDonald’s Has Stopped Serving U18S’ this is just plain unbelievable. It has now been a fair few weeks since the supposed date that the big M was going to say no to UK minors. I think it’s safe to say you can still legally buy a McDonald’s if your under the age of eighteen – so fear not.

If you didn’t believe this rumour – well done. If you did believe this rumour then you should ask yourself – why? In today’s society in which much pride is placed on education and academia, I think it’s vital to stress the fact that academia doesn’t always mean that someone is intelligent.

One would hope that critical thinking or at the very least – common sense, would be encouraged and celebrated. After all, if you can get good grades but you can’t put two and two together to realise that a fast food giant isn’t going to do something which would decimate a huge proportion of its profit margin then it’s probably best to work on being less gullible.

Don’t feel too bad if you did fall for this rumour though, you’re not the only one. Since first writing about this incident I learned that the scale of this rumour was much larger than previously imagined. It not only spread from Plymouth – Falmouth, but also as far as Coventry and other parts of the Midlands. It’s truly amazing to see the speed at which news and rumour can now travel in the current digital climate. I only hope that with more exposure to the digital world, eventually people will wise-up to the knowledge that everything you read on the internet isn’t true.

So what do you think about the whole ordeal? Was it really convincing or did it just catch you off-guard? Get involved and have your say!


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4 Responses to “McDonald’s Now Serving U18s”
  1. duuuude, I wouldn’t start questioning the inelegance of people who believed this rumour. Their are many reasons they may or may not have done such a thing with all the “child obesity” presser n such.

    • hold-up-now. says:

      For an international business to take out the very foundations of the business they have been building since the 1940s is a little farfetched to say the least. While it may of been easy to believe for some people, the emphasis of this article is to encourage critical thinking from and for the public.

      • True, but even if you had critically thought about the rummer then u may have come to the conclusion that the could be truth in it. Getting rid of young teenagers may make it a more friendly atmosphere, the hole “child obesity” thing and the fact they don’t need to serve under 18s to retain a vast income. Yes, not serving under 18s would have been a bit far fetched but you can not call all who believed the story stupid.

      • hold-up-now. says:

        holdupnow does not hold a position of insult against any sector of the public. This article merely points out the observation that in the ever prevalent digital age, the public are going to have to adapt to the increasing risks posed. As with the introduction of television and radio, there is still great unawareness of the potential unreliability of new forms of digital media.

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