International Hold Up: A Testament to WordPress

More and more each day, I am being shocked. Holdupnow has officially gone international!

It’s astounding that a blog of this size has even been noticed here in the UK, never mind by various places across the world. This is one case in which social media has succeeded.

Some of the countries that holdupnow has been viewed by include: Australia, Iceland, the Philippines and the US among others. The fact that this is happening in a relatively short space of time is a true testament to the capabilities of WordPress as an international media platform.

Sure, it could be because one post was about McDonald’s, but I doubt it’s just that, whatever the case. In fact, I am very confident in the fact that this is almost solely down to the massive-network that is WordPress. I’m only so confident due to my own personal experiences. A large number of the blogs I read are usually from people across the US and other places, which is fantastic as I get to explore the entire world from anywhere.

Although I am embracing this international collaboration, I can’t wait to see more British content as I find there is a lack of it. It almost seems like tradition that technological trends seem to take a little longer to become viral in UK as they mimic other Nations trends, which then become international trends.  Blogging is becoming increasingly prevalent across the world, and I’m looking forward to being part of this ever-growing blogosphere in the future.

So come on people, read, comment, start a blog and tell your friends all about !


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