McDonald’s Has Stopped Serving Under 18s

Haven’t you heard? McDonald’s isn’t going to be serving happy meals any more! Perhaps this strikes you as outrageous news that didn’t seem to heed a warning. Maybe you just thought that it was some kind of ludicrous joke, or you haven’t even heard about this at all.

Today, all over social networking sites there has been an ‘official’ notice from McDonald’ shared. This notice specifies that the fast food giant in agreement with ‘new laws’, will not be serving anyone under the age of eighteen years old (a legal adult in the UK).

Although the true extent of the coverage of this notice is unknown, it seems to be only in the Plymouth area so far.  For a large number of people to genuinely consider the fact that a fast food outlet is going to stop selling fast food to anyone is madness. Never mind the fact that under eighteens are a huge proportion of McDonald’s target market, there are certain products (the Happy Meal) that are aimed specifically at people far below the age of eighteen. It really baffled me as to why so many people were believing this rumour, that seems obviously flawed, so I investigated further.

 Apparently all that is needed to convince the public that there is a new law passed which would not only violate our freedom, but essentially make a burger and fries the equivalent of alcohol, cigarettes and even X rated pornography, is a pretty sign.

When I asked a few people expressing their concerns over the apparent changes, and why they believe that this notice is legitimate they told me that the notice was printed and photographed.  As people are well aware of photo manipulation software such as Photoshop and Cinema 4D they immediately assume that if someone has uploaded an actual photo of another piece of paper (the notice) then it must be accurate.

From a logical standpoint this entire rumour doesn’t stand up in any way, shape or form. For instance, I can easily copy a McDonald’s logo into a word document and write whatever I want below it.  It seems that the public are still adjusting to the digital age, not taking into account that the majority of the population have access to a computer or printer by one way or another.

So what are your views on this irrational rumour? An April fools joke early perhaps, or maybe a rude awakening that people are far to inclined to believe what they see without any consideration.

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3 Responses to “McDonald’s Has Stopped Serving Under 18s”
  1. G says:

    There is no press coverage on the matter with regards to the legislation and a statement from McDonalds themselves, as far as I know that is. It’s probably an early April fools prank.

  2. hold-up-now. says:

    My thoughts exactly. Either it’s someone who has something in for McDonald’s or it’s just the April fools joke.

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