Come Together: The Beatles And The Public

So hands up if you would like to join the magical mystery tour.

My hands up. Personally, I’m a huge Beatles fan. I have to say I felt like I was the only one until recent times. The Beatles in my experience seem to be one of the few things I know to have a worldwide reputation, yet isn’t outwardly listened to by many people. Don’t worry folks, there is a happy ending to this story.

So how can a band from the 1960s retain critical acclaim and remain unplayed outwardly? Well the Beatles aren’t an ordinary band as you may know. Having outstanding musical achievements spanning decades, both collectively as a group and as individuals helps of course.

The reason I am writing this feature is because I have experienced so many people who on listening to the Beatles exclaim something along the lines of: ‘What’s this old music?”. I have to say, this really came as a shock; How could people be so ignorant?

Did you know the Beatles are the best-selling musical group of all time, estimated by EMI to have over one billion discs and tapes sold worldwide? Yeah, that’s pretty impressive right? Or how the Beatles hold the record for the highest number of number one albums of all time. Anyway, I didn’t come to my blog to state all of the Beatles musical achievements, however impressive they are.

As strange as it sounds I came here to document my journey exploring the bond between music by the Beatles and the people who hear it. I’ve told you about the mainstream people who won’t give the Beatles a chance because it’s fairly old, now I’ll tell you the rest.

Having people around me a large majority of the time means that those people are usually exposed to my music tastes. I’m happy to say this includes a lot of the Beatles. I’m not saying that every one of my friends instantly fell in love with this bands music, although some in fact did. The point I’m making is that even though certain people didn’t exactly take to the Beatles, there seems to be one ultimate outcome. This ultimate outcome is indeed to like the Beatles in some shape or form. It’s quite an outlandish statement to make given that everybody on this planet is an individual, but from my observations, it’s true.

So why does this seem to be the case? Well as I have discussed with many friends over the years, there could be various reasons. I from experience, have found that with the sheer size of the Beatles musical catalogue, it’s just quite hard not to like at least one of the hundreds of songs. Obviously the Beatles music itself attracts and keeps the public’ affection, but it just seems astonishing that there are so many hits and hidden gems that it seems impossible to not like the Beatles.

It’s now time for your happy ending. Over the past couple of years the Beatles have been becoming ever-more popular. All of a sudden it seems that the Beatles are being outwardly listened to. I’ve now heard various songs played in shops, on the radio, there’s been a video game based around the band’ music. Now this masterpiece catalogue of music has had time to sit with all of the people I have played it to, they love it just as much as I do. I am pretty baffled at the truly unique relationship between this revolutionary band and the entire public, An ever–present, timeless list of hits, engraved into the fabric of cultures all over the planet. How long this will remain a pillar of pop culture, I don’t know, and quite frankly – I don’t want it to end.

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